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Learn everything you can, anytime you can, from anyone you can - there will always come a time when you will be grateful you did. There's nothing more rewarding than helping young students unlock their full potential. I'm very excited to do that here at SGA.
I fully believe that learning that's fun is learning that lasts. Which is why I strive to make every class interesting, fun, interactive and exciting. We need to make sure that what we pass on to our future leaders is worth holding on to and lasts them a lifetime and more. I am definitely happy to be on this great teaching journey with SGA. Let's journey together!
Learning English is important to live in our society. English is the language of the world. If you learn English, you can go anywhere and do anything. English is a road map into a successful future.
In this ever-globalizing world the English language is more vital than ever, and at SGA we are leading the way in English language education. We apply cutting-edge teaching methods to provide young people with the practical and academic skills they will need in today's modern society. We foster fun and dynamic classroom environments in which each and every child feels safe, engaged and appropriately challenged. I'm thrilled to be a part of that process here at SGA.
The world grows closer every day and it is more clear than ever that English is the universal language of the future. That’s why practicing this language from an early age and developing advanced proficiency will help committed students get an edge. SGA focuses on this development with methods that keep students engaged and always improving. As a part of SGA, I am committed to providing students with a strong English education and fostering a curiosity to keep them learning for years to come.
Don't be afraid of speaking English! Conveying messages is the main goal of communication. Do you really want to be a good english speaker? Then study with us here, SGA !
I believe becoming multilingual is one of the most important things one can accomplish in their life. I also know how scary and discouraging it can be to learn a new language. That is why, through SGA, I hope to create a fun and relaxing classroom environment for students to gain the confidence and drive they need to learn a new language!
In a world that has become increasingly more connected, the need to effectively communicate with one another goes without saying. English has quickly become the international language of choice. As a teacher SGA, my goal is to provide students with the necessary tools to make learning the English language interactive and fun! By creating a nurturing learning environment, I hope to set up my students for a bright, successful future. Let's learn together!
These days, learning English is no longer an option, it is a necessity. And it is very important to think of how and where we learn. I want to show you learning English can be very fun if you put your mind to it. Here I am to guide you through the exciting English World! I will be waiting for you here at SGA.
Learning English is a great way to make new friends all around the world. Even though you may make mistakes, do not let that discourage you. The more mistakes you make, the more your new friends can help you learn. Let's make new friends around the world!
Dreams don't work unless you do. Come to SGA with your dreams, and let’s work together to make them come true!
Everything was difficult before it was easy. Let's take the first step together!!